Welcome to the Insanity

Welcome, stranger, to my blog! Before you begin to explore the wonderful world contained within, I have two things to say.

First of all, this blog has a lofty mission. I cannot begin to express how much the concept of the quote has come to bother me. Therefore, like Varese liberated sound, here begins the liberation of the quote.

A good quote is an idea, perhaps slightly witty or striking, but still a comfortably middle road one that is organized in a musical, well-phrased manner. A good quote is like that pop song on the radio that you hate but love at the same time. It’s catchy, entertaining, and everyone knows it. A good quote has wisdom, is perhaps a motivational statement, and was likely uttered by someone with name recognition. However, long before said quote gets uttered it has to be written and edited and edited by a faceless, nameless someone to meet the above criteria.

This is what bothers me. But, I shan’t go into detail about this in this short post, for I am certain I will rant about it later. Ultimately, I move for the appreciation of the wise, silly, senseless things that we all say and think on a daily basis. Although most of this blog consists of the wise, silly, senseless things that come out of my head, these quotes are your quotes too, stranger. These words are the inside jokes between friends, the moments of creativity, and the tired thoughts of a tired mind.

Before you ask, yes, I really have been doing my daily quote for three years. I don’t always achieve my daily quote goal, but I try. Again, my reason for doing a quote everyday is probably another topic I’ll elaborate on later, but it essentially boils down to the following. Every good quote is a one hit wonder. No one remembers FDR’s inaugural speech beyond, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Before he said those words, he said a million other ones. My theory is that by sharing my thoughts on a daily basis and getting feedback from all you guys, I can keep my creativity flowing and find out which ideas will be a good foundation for my own larger, monumental work. Not every one of my thoughts is great, insightful, or even makes sense to anyone but me. That’s not the point. Ninety percent of everything is crap. (Idea thanks Theodore Sturgeon and Austin Kleon) But if you don’t share any of your work, you can’t figure out what isn’t crap. I’m only a good critic of myself years later, so I need your help.

2. Despite everything I just said, if I don’t make you smile at least once I haven’t achieved my own humble, personal mission.

Thanks for reading! Now, go forth young enlightened one and explore my world.

July 18th – 21st, 2014

Sorry for the radio silence everyone! Was super busy on Friday and Saturday and I was intending on posting those quotes on Sunday….then the power went out. Anyway! Here are lots of quotes!

Only in Nevada can there be a dust storm warning and a severe thunderstorm warning at the same time.
Credit to my dad
Driving a stroller is just like driving a car: if you drive it through a crowd of people, they get out of your way.
Inspired by my Aunt Cheryl
Here I go again, fixing flaws only I can see.
“Lakeview Cabin”
Real Estate Agent: “Of course it has a lakeview! See, if you stand right here in this spot you can just make out a sliver of the lake through that opening in the trees.”

July 12-14th, 2014

Apologies for the lack of quotes this weekend. We went camping in a place without even a smiggin of cell reception. It was marvelous. Anyways, to make it up to you all, here is a series of camping related quotes.

After becoming accustomed to pit toilets while camping, the paper covers in public restrooms seem a luxury.
Camping truly is an art form. From getting the fire started to picking a campsite that’s close enough to the bathrooms (but not too close), camping requires skill.
The membership of The Water Snobs club consists of water-sport-loving and boat-chop-hating early risers. 



A little camping scene for you. And look! My cup finally has orange juice in it!